ACT recognises leading nurses on International Nurses Day

On Friday May 11, the eve of International Nurses Day, ACT’s most outstanding nurses will be recognised for their professionalism, dedication, and contribution at a breakfast hosted by ACT Nursing.

Held at The Boathouse, Barton, from 7:30am to 10:00am, the event celebrates International Nurses Day with prominent nursing figures such as ACT’s Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer, Dr Margaret McLeod, presenting certificates to both Registered and Enrolled Nurses. Rhett Kentwell, General Manager for ACT Nursing & Alliance Health, will also attend.

Listen to a radio interview with Rhett Kentwell


For Jayne Stetto, a Registered Nurse who is being recognised at the breakfast, the moment of acknowledgement is humbling.

“I think for nurses, much like police and emergency services personnel, getting recognised feels like that little bit extra—a nice way to say thank you. You’re in a line of work where you touch and connect with people every day so the recognition makes up for some other hardships that come with the job.”

Jayne has been a Registered Nurse for over thirty years, twenty-two of those were spent in the US Air Force, leaving her with unique skills and experience; something that’s noticed in her current position as an agency nurse with ACT Nursing. Despite Jayne’s specialist skills and monumental dedication to her line of work she remains modest when talking about receiving recognition for what she does.

“I don’t think I’m any more special than any other nurse, we all have our different strengths—we help make people comfortable when they’re at their most vulnerable. And, perhaps,” she laughs, “My experience—particularly the years in the Air Force—allows me to advocate more passionately; making sure patients get what they need.”

International Nurses Day is held on May 12 each year when it also marks the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. The day is an important moment to recognise nurses like Jayne.
Rhett Kentwell says “International Nurses Day is a very important date in the nursing calendar. The breakfast is an opportunity for ACT’s best nurses to know their efforts are seen, needed, and deeply valued.”
“It’s no small feat to be a nurse and this breakfast is a way for nurses to get together and celebrate achievements, share experiences, and connect through their incredibly unique profession.”